The Briggs

The Briggs are a punk-rock band based from La, Ca. The Group Formed in 1999 below the title “I Drop” by brothers Joey and Jason LaRocca and bassist Matthew Stolarz (a.k.a. Duck). In 2001, with all the inclusion of drummer Chris Arredondo (a.k.a. Chris X) the group adopted the title The Briggs. Because the group began touring, they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Bad Faith Dropkick Murphys, Anti Flag, and Flogging Molly. They’ve been involved 2004, in 2002, 2007, and 2008. The Briggs launched their fourth full-length titled Come All You Madmen on SideOneDummy Records. Their tune This is MANHUNTER is performed included in the La Kings at all of the home games and also the intro for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Their tune “Tougher To Stand” from the record “Again to To Raised Floor” was highlighted in the sound track to the movie Big Stan (2008). Following a brief hiatus, the group returned to the studio in the year 2012 and will probably be releasing the track and video for “Worry” on May 1, 2012. In the Springtime of 2015 a brand new self titled 4 track EP was introduced by The Briggs. It was self-released by the group on 7″, and also the CD and electronic download model comprised their previously published single “Worry”.

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Touring Tips from TheBriggs.ORG

Briggs Tour Band

What You Should Know About Going on Tour!

1. Make sure your van is up to snuff. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere and then having your van break down.  Do all the little things too.  Make sure it is smogged, make sure the brake pads are viable, make sure the airs have the correct amount of pressure.

2. Travel light! A lot of bands are afraid to go on tour if it means a little hard work. But you’ll never gain the exposure you need if you don’t expand your fan base and do a little traveling. So do go, but definitely don’t pack like its a week vacation to Monaco. You are going to be living in cramped quarters, with bandmates, equipment, and supplies. Budgets are also usually tight and you are going to have to learn to do with less.  Plus the more stuff you have, the more you’ll have to haul all over the place when you are traveling.

3. Be a good traveler. Rule #1?  Be a decent person. Be polite and helpful to your bandmates, your crew, venue workers, even the restaurant workers along the way. The experience will be much more pleasant and you never know when you are going to cross paths with people again. In regards to your bandmates, the stronger your relationship with them, the better your music sounds. Trust us! If you end up needing a smog in California (these guys are cool!), volunteer to pay for it. Your bandmates will appreciate it.

4. Take care of your body. Sitting for hours in a cramped van with smokers may not be the best way to maintain your health, but it is imperative that you create a schedule that lets you be healthy.  Schedule exercise time, drink lots of water, practice your musical chops while in the car. Don’t let yourself atrophy. Road trips are notoriously difficult on your body.  But part of being in a band is using your body to perform. Keep it in good shape.

5. Protect your gear!

The horror stories of bands having some (or all!) of their gear stolen are legendary.  In fact Led Zepplin once had $250,000 stolen out of a backstage safe. Your gear is your lifeblood. Vans and cars are EASY to break into, and it easy to see into. So don’t park your van at a motel and leave all the gear inside. Don’t park a mile from your van when you go to breakfast. Treat your gear as if it were your child and you’ll be in good shape. There are stories of all gear being stolen when it was left in a parked van for only 2o minutes!

6. If you are lucky enough to have a crew (sound, setup, roadies etc…) treat them with love and respect. Try to get to know them, remember their names when you do. They may be employees or fans, but they are what drives your tour. Without them, you’d just be a few musicians at the local cantina. When you get irritated, take yourself away from them. If you are lucky enough to have someone on tour that you can show your irritating side to, hang with that person, but don’t take it out on the crew. They didn’t sign up for this.  And they’ll remember you too if you are not respectfull.

7. See the sights. Don’t make it all about music and work, and no play. Taking in the local sights is part of the charm and it’ll put you in a better mood to play your music. You know what they say: “All work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy!”




Leaving the Ways

Backup Vocals – Mike McColgan & Johnny Riox from the Avenue Puppies, Bryan Lothian from A Worldwide Risk, Drew Suxx and Adam Shaw from Lost City Angels, and Joe Gittleman

Come All You Madmen – The Briggs

Come All Madmen is the fourth record from La-based punk-rock band The Briggs. The record was released through SideOneDummy Records and was made by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Joe Gittleman,[1] as using their previous record Back to To Raised Floor.

The Briggs Punk Rock Band Los Angeles – LA Punk Rock

The Briggs, the highway warriors of punk-rock, have invested the past six years on the trail with small respite. This does not actually disturb them however. Thinking about the momentum the group has acquired in the previous few years, it is welcomed by them. And and even though, the trip has not been the most easy, The Briggs are prepared to break-out with their powerful and genuine record to date, Come All You Madmen.

Formed by brothers Jason (Guitar, Vocals) and Joey LaRocca (Guitar, Vocals), The Briggs produced their debut in 2001 with Is This What You Imagine and have already been on a roll since. Joined by Chris Arredondo (Drums) and Ryan Roberts (Bass Guitar), the group instantly caught fire in 2004 when they signed with LOS ANGELES’s infamous punk label SideOneDummy Records. After that year the group released the critically-acclaimed EP, Leaving The Methods, which Choice Press called “snotty, fist-pumping road punk having a concept,” and 2006?s tour-de-force Straight Back To To Raised Floor.

After spending the past several years using up up the street with bands like Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, Anti Flag, Tiger Military and The Dwelling Finish, The Briggs lately settled in to record a brand new album. While Joey and Jason found time to compose all of the group attempt, Come All You Madmen, on acoustic-guitar.

We’d get home from a tour and get into in to our rehearsal room and began playing our notions together with the group “plugged in” and it’d be rather instantaneously clear what tunes worked and those that undoubtedly did maybe not, claims Jason. Within the span of the the next couple of months the group earned The Mighty Mighty Bosstones bassist Joe Gittleman to create and narrowed the tunes down.

Spending enormous levels of time-on the highway gave considerable time to absorb a variety of influences in the group’s they toured to the group with, their setting to along with the music-they were listening. Actually there is no limit from what we enabled to affect us and we were greatly impacted concerning the concept of composing a record with stay sense, describes Jason. We allow our individual emotions and encounters inspire us. Since there’s nothing more dull than the usual group striving to interest an audience rather than composing how they actually believe because it mightn’t be the opinion that is most popular. It is clear.

While change is sparked by sways, The Briggs have remained accurate to their trademark sound, but in no way are they foreseeable. It is more melodic, more competitive and folky in exactly the same time than something else we’ve done up to the stage, says Jason. We figured there clearly was no point in producing a document that was dull, secure therefore we turned it up a notch, shoved our limits from the rut in fucking around. We went more intense in both ways in precisely the same time. Featuring guest appearances from punk-rock icons Brian Baker (Bad Religion, Minor Danger), Ken Casey (Dropkick Murphys) and Dicky Barrett (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Come All You Madmen erupts with volatile anthemic working-class street punk. In the soaring guitars on the fist-pumping melody Charge In To The Sunshine as well as the marching beats of the Irish divine sing along Mad Guys to the raw melodic sincerity of Maybe Not Alone along with the acoustic guitar folk providing of Oblivion, The Briggs continue to demonstrate themselves as one among punk’s most good and unforgettable functions.

The Briggs – Back to Higher Ground

Bass guitars: Fender Jazz, Fender Jaguar
Amps: SWR Megoliath, SWR 750x
Transmission lines: Zaolla
Strings: Everly
Picks: Everly
Wear: UGP Lock
Shoes: Draven

The Briggs

Inside half an hour, the groups came on. The Briggs started off with straight-out Oi! They had a great deal of power kicking out the melodies, and were entertaining, but the bunch was not engaging in it for some unfortunate cause. We did was hear and sing-along, although they attempted to get them going. Regardless of the gang, The Briggs seemed excellent, and cranked out some hard-core that was good! Just wish the devotees in the group played some excellent things, were more encouraging.

The Briggs: They moved up a place as askew flew since I last noticed them, to number-two in the queue. The vocalist has a good, standard epidermis/Oi! His head, and voice let’s understand just how large the lights were on that evening. Having observed them perform past with all the Fatal Accidents, I had been a bit mo Re amazed this time with all the really skilled and clean-cut vocals wielder of the geetar that is amazing. Jiving and bound, that chap, and his excessively-patched slacks were all within the area, through the refrain, throughout solos, heck, if he was not dancing around, these were were not enjoying. The sounds of “T3h Br1GGz” are located at their “Official” site:

Planet Wide Punk

The Briggs, victims, Overlooked, Clit 4 5, Needed Dead


CA, Pomona

Nov ?

The very first group was an epidermis/Oi! Group going from the label of “The Briggs”. In standard manner, the lanky vocalist, with head and his chops sung a quite dynamic set, with all the guitarist jouncing concerning the stage. While they performed common epidermis/Oi!, their electricity pervaded the bunch, which after a couple tunes, used in a circle pit for the songs that were staying.

Next up was The Briggs, these men were excellent, they even threw in a cock sparrer protect, they sounded by not merely standing there like a sock-puppet without the the turn in his bum, and all of the members revealed tons of electricity. Speaking to the bassist exterior , Idiscovered that they will have a brand new record coming out shortly on Catastrophe Records (Duane Peter’s label). They were nice-guys.